Somerset County

When you can legally operate an automobile, you become a more independent and self-sufficient member of society. You can freely travel to work and run errands, not to mention build a life for yourself. However, you cannot legally drive a car until you have a permit or a license.

We have proudly served Somerset County, NJ and the surrounding areas for over 51 years. Whether you require a driving permit or behind the wheel lessons, we have a solution for you. We accept all students over the age of 16, including mature adults who need a refresher course to improve their driving skills.

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In New Jersey, you must reach the age of 16 before you can legally drive. However, once you are 16, you can purchase a variety of lesson packages from A-1 Peck Driving School. Each package comes with a driving permit service, vision test, and written exam where necessary. Each package also gives you hands on experience operating a vehicle.

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We serve all of Somerset County, NJ with door to door service. Call us at (973) 927-9817.