Sussex County

Whether you’re preparing to receive your first driving permit or hoping to reduce violations on your driving record, trust the professionals at A-1 Peck Driving School of Sussex County, NJ.

Our Drivers Education Options

We understand that each student’s needs differ according to his or her life situation. For this reason, we offer many driver services including:

  • First-time permit—includes everything a student of at least 16 needs to secure a driving permit.
  • State Road Test Services—For 17 and older students
  • Insurance reduction courses
  • Senior evaluations and bush-up lessons

Learn more about each of these options on our services page.

Our History of Excellence

A-1 Peck Driving School has helped drivers throughout New Jersey get on the road and stay on the road for more than 50 years. We have instructors throughout Sussex County, including Newton, Sparta, Vernon and Wantage, which ensures that you get efficient and personal instruction when you need it.

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