The NJ DMV’s written test consists of 50 multiple choice questions. They come from all sections of the driver’s manual. The manuals are free, and can be picked up at any DMV site, or on-line at . You must score 80% or better to pass the test. The following 20 questions are not the test, but represent the kind of material you might be expected to know. Print the test, so you can circle your answers.

Free online test sample

1. While driving along and a tire blows out, you should:
A. Slow down gradually
B. Hold the steering wheel firmly
C. Both A and B
D. Flash your headlights

2. If you change your address, report it to DMV within:
A. 2 weeks
B. 1 week
C. 4 weeks
D. 3 weeks

3. How far away must you part from a fire hydrant:
A. 50 feet
B. 25 feet
C. 10 feet
D. 20 feet

4. Unless otherwise posted, the maximum speed limit in a school zone is:
A. 15 MPH
B. 20 MPH
C. 25 MPH
D. 30 MPH

5. A warning sign is in the shape of:
A. circle
B. diamond
C. triangle
D. square

6. At an uncontrolled intersection you should:
A. Maintain the posted speed
B. Look to your right
C. Come to a full stop
D. Reduce speed and be ready to stop

7. When approaching a curve:
A. Slow down before entering the curve
B. Accelerate into the curve
C. Pump your brakes in the curve
D. Sound your horn

8. A Yield sign is the shape of a:
A. square
B. diamond
C. triangle
D. circle

9. Giving false information when applying for a license or registration will result in:
A. $50 to $300 fine and/or 2 year license suspension
B. $400 insurance surcharge
C. $200 - $500 fine and/or up to six months imprisonment,and a minimum 6 month license suspension
D. $1000 fine and community service

10. If you are under 21, you can drive with a GDL examination permit or provisional license from:
A. 5 AM to 12:01 AM
B. 5 AM to 11:01 AM
C. Sunup to sundown
D. None of the above

11. Always yield to:
A. Pedestrians and vehicles in the intersection
B. Emergency vehicles
C. Both A and B
D. None of the above

12. An eight sided sign means:
A. Yield
B. Stop
C. Direction
D. Railroad

13. When driving in the rain:
A. Use wipers and headlights
B. Reduce speed
C. Increase your following distance
D. All of the above

14. It is illegal to drive with a B.A.C. of:
A. .05
B. .08
C. .01
D. .02

15. Alcohol affects your:
A. Alertness
B. Reaction
C. Judgment
D. All of the above

16. An extra lane at a highway exit is a:
A. Acceleration lane
B. Passing lane
C. Deceleration lane
D. Shoulder

17. A blind spot is:
A. A hidden intersection
B. An area you can’t see when looking in mirrors
C. A hidden alley
D. Both A & C

18. Common reasons for road test rejections are:
A. Examiner can’t reach the parking brake
B. Unsafe tires
C. Expired registration or inspection
D. All of the above

19. Driving with a “space cushion” means:
A. You have clear visibility ahead
B. 2 seconds following distance
C. Having room around you to react in time
D. Having good judgment

20. A solid center line on a 2-way road means:

A. Caution
B. Pass only when safe
C. No passing
D. Stop

Answers to test questions: 
1.c  2.b  3.c  4.c  5.b  6.d  7.a  8.c  9.c  10.a  11.c  12.b  13.d  14.b  15.d  16.c  17.b  18.d  19.c  20.c