Warren County

In Warren County, NJ. When you turn the appropriate age, receive an adequate education, and acquire the necessary skills, you gradually earn the privilege to travel on your own. Should you fail to drive responsibly, you could lose that privilege via license suspension or revocation.

At A-1 Peck Driving School, we want you to enjoy your driving privileges to their fullest, so we offer driving lessons to residents over 16. Whether you're a beginning driver or an experienced one, you can learn the skills you need to drive safely and responsibly.

Learn to Drive With Confidence and Precision

When you come to our driving school, you can sign up for courses that suit your age and your abilities. We offer separate classes for 16-year-olds, drivers 17 and older, and drivers in need of point reduction. Additionally, you can choose the length of your courses (ranging from 6 hours to 14 hours) to better suit your schedule.

By the time you've finished our courses, you'll be ready to safely navigate the roads in Warren County, NJ.

Sign Up for One of Our Courses

If you'd like to sign up for drivers' education, call us at (973) 927-9817 or fill out our signup form.